The scope of the developmental services provided by ITI is wide ranging and the following list is by no means exhaustive:

  • To design an integrated training plan intended to achieve increased professionalism, motivation, development and retention
  • To recommend best practice on training planning and management
  • To identify the areas of occupational training that would provide maximum benefit to the organisation
  • To complete a skills audit and identify core skills and knowledge to match role descriptions and organisational requirements so as to equip members to do their jobs competently and confidently
  • To examine practices to develop the skills base to match role description and organisational requirements
  • To establish the present level of learning, knowledge and skills and to benchmark the level this should be
  • To examine working practices and to identify where improvements can be made
  • To determine an organisation's ability to deliver future training by identifying all human resources, facilities, equipment and media available for this purpose
  • To develop manuals of guidance and standing operating procedures


  • Operating an efficient and structured training regime which prioritizes development training for the individual but ensures that the needs of the organisation remain paramount
  • Investigators have the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively carry out their daily work
  • The delivery of a professional and quality service to the public and so leading to increased confidence in the capability of the organisation
  • Cost saving through cutting out fragmented and expensive ad hoc training
  • Promotion of a high degree of training self-sufficiency
  • Filling gaps in standing operating procedures